Journal: Water Conservation and Management (WCM)
Author: Gao Yun, Stewart Williams, Dai Wenbin
Print ISSN : 2523-5664
Online ISSN : 2523-5672

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Doi: 10.26480/wcm.02.2017.10.12


In the coming decades, river pollution is a serious problem not only in Asia but around the world. As the river flows through many countries, the development and water quality of the Mekong River is related directly to stability and peace of the region. This study analysed regulatory authority and legislation in Mekong River and discussed the inadequacy of Mekong River current management. Through collecting data and documents, it analysed and concluded current river management situation of Mekong River. At last, this paper advised several recommendations and tried to find out which approaches will make Mekong Basin under a good environment of sustainable development.
Pages 10-12
Year 2017
Issue 2
Volume 1